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This is a diverse coalition of organizations, agencies and businesses from across the nation that find common ground in their support for biodiesel fuel. Founded and managed by the National Biodiesel Board, the Biodiesel Alliance supports information sharing and opportunities to help advance the use of clean-burning, renewable biodiesel fuel that meets high industry standards.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a member of the Biodiesel Alliance.
You, as an individual, can Join the Backers!

The National Biodiesel Board founded the Biodiesel Backers program in response to growing interest from individuals who want to take advantage of new information and opportunities to help advance the use of clean-burning, renewable biodiesel fuel. Join thousands of other Biodiesel Backers who are instrumental in recognizing the benefits of biodiesel to national energy security, the environment, human health and the U.S. economy!
Biodiesel Backer: Christina Ficicchia, executive director of Empire Clean Cities in NY, NY
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