The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) is organized exclusively to promote the common business interests of those parties seeking to advance the use of biodiesel as a fuel or fuel additive that meets ASTM standards. To advance these common interests, the NBB will admit to membership, on a nondiscriminatory basis, any industry member or supporter who meets the member requirements.

Whether you want to be a producer of biodiesel or are a company that supports the biodiesel industry through provision of goods and/or services or simply an individual that supports biodiesel, the NBB has a lot to offer.

Producer of biodiesel
Do you want to produce biodiesel?

All producers of biodiesel are required to register with the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) as a fuel manufacturer if their product will be introduced into commerce in the United States. One requirement of this registration is access to health effects testing data on the fuel being registered.  The EPA allows this access to be given from a “group” who has completed this testing previously and has such data on file with the EPA. The NBB completed this testing in 1997 at a cost of nearly $2.2 million. The NBB grants free access to  Biodiesel Producers.

When registering with the EPA, producers' must also complete forms EPA-3520-16-form and EPA-3520-12-form. The forms are to register additives and motor vehicle fuels respectively. Both forms must be completed. To assist with accurate completion, the NBB has provided sample forms that you may use here.

Supports the biodiesel industry
Do you sell goods and/or services to the biodiesel industry?

For companies that sell goods and/or services to the biodiesel industry, NBB has established the Organization membership. This category of membership is non-voting but receives all other membership privileges. 

Are you an individual interested in biodiesel and the biodiesel industry?

For individuals that “have no direct economic interest” in biodiesel, the NBB offers the Individual membership. Direct economic interest shall mean “directly marketing a product or service either within the biodiesel industry or to the biodiesel industry; or being an employee, officer or Board Member or contractor to an entity that does so”. Individual membership is non-voting, but receives all other membership privileges. 


For more information about joining the National Biodiesel Board, please contact us at (800) 841-5849.


Register with the Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that all fuel manufacturers who will sell their fuel in the United States to register with them by completing Form 3520-12. Additional information about this process is available from the EPA web site. The EPA registration process currently requires biodiesel producers to provide a laboratory analysis of the fuel being registered. This laboratory analysis will need to indicate the fuel’s compliance with ASTM D6751. Due to this laboratory analysis requirement, biodiesel producers will NOT be able to complete this registration with the EPA until they are able to begin producing fuel. Without EPA registration, biodiesel producers are not legally able to sell their fuel in the United States. Once the EPA has received all required documentation, the biodiesel producer normally will receive their registration within one month.


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